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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Fun times at Mimomo and BePops'

We have had SUCH a great time in Columbus. The boys have loved playing with all of Mimomo's toys--the ones that we had when we were little (little legos, playmobile, lincoln logs, transformers, agravation, and little people...) and newer ones too. They have loved playing in the bouncy fun slide/pool in the back yard, that Mom and Dad borrowed from church, and running through the sprinkler. Not to mention exploring the woods, playing in the shed in the back yard, and playing hide-and-seek inside!

During the first full week that we were here, Chattahoochee Valley Church had something called Super Camp for first graders and up (through fifth I think). Jon David surprised me and went from the first day to the last! He loved it. They had a youth group from Tennessee helping out. The atmosphere seemed really good. There was a good teen to child ratio. They had indoor games, bible stories, and crafts in the morning; then lunch; then a movie; and water games in the afternoon--by far Jon David's favorite. Mr. Benny, the children's minister, is amazing. For the water games, they had kiddie pools, noodles, water balls, a gynormous (one of Luke's new favorite words) water slide--JD's fav of the water stuff-- and even a water balloon catapult. Jon David had a blast. Unfortunately, Luke was too young to go, but Mom and I found other things to do with him during the day. We went swimming at two different pools--thanks to Mom and Dad's Chattahoochee Valley church friends!!!! They both really enjoyed themselves. Before Jon David made the decision to go to Super Camp, he said to Luke " It's up to you, Luke, if I go to Super Camp or not." (I had told him that Luke might be sad if he went.) Luke said "Oh, sure, of course" -- implying of course he would be OK. :)

Jon David declared that it was "the best super camp ever." Mr Benny, if you happen to read this, THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!! He came home singing songs like "peel, banana, peel peel banana..." and "the fruit of the spirit's not a watermelon, etc..." Mrs. Belinda, I don't know what we would have done without you, either!

BTW, the last pic of Luke eating pizza is from one of the days that we went swimming during Super Camp. Luke befriended a sweet girl named Amaya. Their personalities are so much alike (easy going and calm), that they barely talked to each other at all for the first thirty minutes of swim time. After a pizza lunch, however, they warmed up to each other. Luke came up with a game, explained the rules to Amaya, and proceeded to tell her that since he came up with the game, he got to start. At the end of the game, he declared himself the winner. (The game consisted of seeing who could squeeze in a small area of the pool. They made the area smaller and smaller, and since Luke is smaller, he won.) It cracked me up that even though she is two years older, he asserted himself and took charge. It was almost like since Jon David wasn't there to be the "it" man, Luke filled in. :)

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