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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Recap: the fourth and more

OK, before I officially start this post, I would like to make a statement about blogging. I realize that to some, our life might seem pretty dang hunky dory most of the time. True confession: would I really like you to think that? Well, yea, kinda. The real truth: it's not always that way. Other real truth: God is good, and I give Him full credit for the good that happens in our life. You take a situation like what happened to the Prathers -- my sis and bro-in-law's good friends from Georgia who died in a car wreck -- and there is literally no way to make sense out of stuff like that in my mind. Why do we have such a different life? I have no idea. But I accept it as a gift from God, praying and hoping that He will continue to give me that precious gift.
Um... we had an awful parenting moment on the long drive home from Columbus, GA. But I have decided not to go into detail about it, since my children are getting old enough to be embarrassed by strangers and even family or close friends recounting what we might think is a hilarious story about them. Anyway, know that we have our moments too. Our family is FAR from perfect. But I am going to save my child from potential mortification (is that a word?).

Official beginning of post :): It's hard to believe that we've been back in Wilmore almost two weeks already. Our trip down South was very memorable. We had such a great time with all of the friends and family that we were able to see. We ended with a bang--literally. The jeep ran into a tree. I think it did it all by itself! Can you believe it? One of the fenders over a wheel came all the way off, and the license tag came off too. Right now it's being held on by duct tape. I think this makes us official red necks. :) For real, though, mad props to my husband for keeping his cool when this happened. It happens to the best of us, and I was amazed at his self-control.
All fender-benders barred, our trip could not have gone any better. We LOVED all of the relaxing time we had as a family. We came back feeling very refreshed, and ready to hit the ground running again--which we did: we started moving into our new rental within 3 days of our arrival. But first, a few more recap pics as a farewell to Mimomo and Bepops. Aside from JD's unique choice of expression, the following pic is of Mom's newest addition to her front porch area: the bistro table that she has been looking to get for a while. It's very cute!

The last week-end that we were there, Bepops put up the tent in their wooded area in the backyard. The boys LOVED it of course! It was so much fun for them to set up the inside with a sleeping bag, flashlights, etc... Bepops even extension corded a box fan out there for them. I don't think they know the meaning of "roughing it" yet. :)

And of course, we had to do a few small fire works for the fourth. We also enjoyed an evening meal with the Verdier, who arrived just in time for the celetration. It was great to see them.

Below: Bepops jumping to avoid an explosion. :)

OK, Mel, this pic's you: The following pic was taken by an anonymous photographer. Don and I were holding sparklers. But because of the way the pic is carefully cropped, we simply look like we would like to lead you in the Caulley version of "We are the world"--that will be my only Michael Jackson reference in this blog. :) I mean, can you say "Tah dah!! Here is the Caulley fam?" :)

We arrived safely back in Wilmore on Sunday evening. Don started Greek classes the very next day, and thanks to our landlord giving us our new house key on Tuesday, we started moving boxes immediately (well, Don did--no, I did not do any heavy lifting). It was possibly one of the smoothest moves we have had, believe it or not. I think part of it was that we already had a lot boxed up (from before our trip, and in storage, etc...) and also that we did not necessarily have to box everything up. And since our big move day was Saturday, it was so nice to have three whole days before hand to just move stuff over. I would put stuff in boxes, and Don would move them over there in the evenings during the boys' swim lessons. Wed, Thur, and Fri mornings, I went over there and got the kitchen done with shelf paper, etc... By the time Saturday came, the kitchen was pretty much done already. That helped a lot!!!! And a HUGE thanks to the people who showed up to help with the actual move on Saturday, and to my two friends who kept the boys during the day for me that day, too. That helped soooo much!

The boys have been loving going to the YMCA pool in the next town over. They have also been taking swim lessons there in the evening.

Don came with us to the swim lessons tonight. Unfortunately, right before Luke's lesson, Luke must have swallowed too much water or something. He lost his soft taco dinner that he had so much guessed it, IN the pool. They had to evacuate the pool, and cancel all of the 6:45 lessons. I felt so bad. By the time Jon David's lesson came, though, everyone was back on schedule.


  1. Anna, YOU CRACK ME UP! It totally looks like "we are the world." HA. And the barf in the pool story is hilarious. Sweet Luke, happens to the best of us. if its not throw up in the know they all pee. Just count on the chlorine to kill it all. :)

    LOVE the blog. :)


  2. I'm so glad the move went well... that was an answer to prayer! I've been meaning to call you. I talked to Chris and we will try to come and get the piano as soon as possible. Anyway, at the very latest we will HAVE to get up there to see that precious baby boy when he comes! Are you decorating his room in any particular theme? ;)

  3. Ok so the red neck car thing---- to make you feel better- David and I have been hearing a noise in our car so David decided to take the hubcaps off of the car (and not put them back on even though there is still a noise). It's not duct tape but it looks pretty red neck :)

  4. Found ya! I love your blog! I didn't know it was possible, but I think you MIGHT just post more photos than I do! I can't bear to NOT post an adorable photo of my kiddos! Your posts made me seriously homesick for Columbus. I miss our CVC family there so much. I'm really looking forward to your mom and dad coming up for a visit! Glad I found your blog and I'm glad we've gotten to know each other.



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