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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Clownin' around

Caleb has discovered a new pastime. It is especially useful when I am getting ready in the morning. He gets in my bathtub with his cars, and pretends that the ledge is a race track.
On this particular day, all THREE wanted to try it out... It didn't last too long. But overall it works pretty well when it's just him and me at home. The little ledge it perfect for a race track. I wonder if the designer thought of that when he molded this tub? lol.

Below: sweet Luke "Jaimberdies" posing for a pic. I love that this photo captured the flowers that Don bought me! Fall colors and everything. ;)

Below: Caleb sporting the red head lamp.
Below: Caleb and I at his Mom's Morning Out Thanksgiving feast.
Caleb obviously thought that his chocolaty dessert was delicious.

One day, Luke set up the Precious Moments Noah's ark in Caleb's room. Every once in a while, he goes around the house straightening. No joke! LOVE me some of that!
Anyway, after this particular set up, he told me that I might want to take a picture. So what in the world do you think I did?

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