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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Who's the sucka now?

In my former life--pre-kids, that is--I used to teach. I remember having moments of arrogance towards both students and parents. The parent who was always trying to do the absolute best at all times for their child was very annoying to me. Come on, they should know better than to spoil their children like that. Mmmm mmm mmm. It's always different when the shoe's on the other foot. I think I might be a slightly more humble teacher now-- in my new life as a mom, that is.
Today was a snow day for Jon David and Luke. We tried to come up with activities besides playing wii. In the afternoon, my friend called me up and asked us to join them at the seminary gym to let our boys run around. Well, I think several others had the same idea on this cabin fever kind of a day. It was not a bundle up and go build a snow man kind of a day. It was bitterly cold and windy. So off we set. As soon as we arrived at the gym, we saw that many of the other boys had brought their light sabers. Uh oh. Guess who didn't have theirs? And guess who begged their mother to go and get them (Jon David). And guess who didn't just act like a normal in-charge mother and promptly tell him to make due, but asked a friend to watch all three of my children while I did the irrational: loaded myself right back into our green mazda minivan, and drove home to get the light sabers. Now in my defense, my house is 3 minutes away... but still!! I am officially a sucker. Just like everyone that I used to mentally criticize. Not only that, but did I really just post this right after admitting that we need to try and back off of our Star Wars mentality?
Ok, so as not to make this day out to be a total blunder: this morning was really great. The boys accepted the limits I set on the wii, we played Chutes and Ladders together; prepared their Valentine cards for their school; at least made one attempt to go outside (too cold); they played with their star wars legos for a long time; and at breakfast, we talked a little bit about what they had learned in church on Sunday.
As for me? Well, I kept trying to get something accomplished, but basically it came down to getting one load of laundry done, cleaning up the kitchen, getting dressed :) and taking care of Caleb. I ended up assisting with the Valentine card making, and preparing meals of course.

A little backtracking:
Don cut the boys' hair last week. They look so handsome! Luke wasn't having such a good day, however. He is usually very compliant. But he has his moments! And this was one of them. Don't miss the big ole tear coming down his right cheek on the left side of these pics... You may have to click on the picture to enlarge them. Poor guy.


  1. I know EXACTLY what you're talking about! I think God gives us teachers moments like that on purpose. I can remember saying many times while teaching, "Let me tell you about so and so's parents... I'll never do that!" Ha! I, too, would be a more humble, graceful teacher! :o)

  2. Don, I'm impressed with your hair cutting skills!

  3. Well, see they needed their light was vital to their playtime. May the force be with you! =)



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