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Monday, February 1, 2010

Long ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

At the risk of stating the obvious: our family is into star wars. OK, so we're REALLY into it. Fine. We're fighting obsession. Case in point: Caleb was in his exersaucer "pooping" (yay! Btw, he had ANOTHER ear infection last wk, the doc put him on antibiotics, and so now he has been pooping multiple times a day. First, can't get him to poop. Now, can't get him to quit! I tell ya... I don't what, but I just tell ya!). Anyway, a nice squirty noise was produced at the same time the poop was. Luke said: that sounds like R2D2 when he dies... Ah me. As most of you know by now, the boys received a star wars lego wii game for Christmas. Many of our casual conversations now consist of levels, missions, % true Jedi, characters, ships, etc... In the past we have played the guessing game with star wars characters or ships. Over dinner, we sometimes discuss what happens in which episode, which is whose favorite, why, which episode we like the least, why, who our favorite characters are... Both Jon David and Luke will frequently recount various virtual exploits by either them or their father. Luke will sometimes remind us that when he turns 10, he wants to watch Episode III (the one movie that they have not seen yet). They both want Star Wars birthday parties this year. And then, one day, Don and I were sitting in the family room, and spotted our book holder to the right of the TV.

Well, I began to realize that we might have a slight problem. During a family devotional time not too long ago, I was trying to think of a passage of scripture that I could use to encourage the boys to be sure that they are putting God before the wii. Wasn't there a verse or a segment about obsessing about things more than God? Loving God more than money?... pretty close, but not exactly. Finally, the only thing I could come up with was idolatry. Well, I think Don's choice of scripture was a little more appropriate: James. Maybe not quite as dramatic or frightening--something I tend to go for a little too hastily. He talked about putting faith into practice. He asked them what actions we could take to show God that we believed in Him? I quickly chimed in with putting God before the wii. They are good boys. I think they got the point.

One day last month, in an effort to sway the conversation more towards things that God would want us to occupy our minds with, I came up with the idea of asking the boys to name a part of any Star Wars movie, and I would tell them what story in the Bible it reminded me of. Luke asked me about when Anakin went for Count Duku too fast in the Clone Wars (Episode II), and Count Duku cut his hand off -- just before the famous Yoda fight. I told him that this reminded me of how Esau acted rashly and sold Jacob his birth right. Jon David asked me about the clone wars(in the large arena in Episode II)--when the Jedi all show up to fight the bad guys--after Anakin, Obiwan, and even Padme all prove their super humanness by each conquering scifi brutes with all of the odds agains them. I told Jon David that reminded me of Gideon's army--when a seemingly small army defeats a really large one. [Side note: One of my favorite lines by Obiwan (about Padme--when Anakin asks what to do about her): "she seems to be on top of things"as she pulls a piece of metal from her mouth to pick the lock on her chain, from the top of the post that she was tied to. Incidentally, isn't the coincidence just fitting that when the beast claws at her middle, it tears her shirt just enough for a sexy display of mid rift.] ANYWAY: Luke asked me who R2D2 reminded me of. I told him Abraham --always saving the day with Lot. Or Moses--always saving the day period. Quick clarification: they only save the day thanks to God!!

And just because it's practically impossible to talk about Star Wars without at least hinting at Darth Vader... Well, he's an intriguing guy. If there is any character that epitomizes the bad guys in Star Wars, its' him, ay? You know? And yet, he killed the one who is most evil: the emperor. Could it be that Anakin turning bad was actually used for good? Interesting.

Bordering on Nerddom? Perhaps rational left a long time ago. Wow.

You have to admit that it's pretty cool that Star Wars has such strong contrasts of good versus evil. There is little doubt of who the bad guys and good guys are. I like that. It's refreshing in many ways.
I guess most decent kids movies have something that you can use as a teaching tool: Lightening McQueen decides that friends are more important than winning; Belle chooses to look at the inside of a person, rather than the outside; Nemo learns to obey and respect his Dad; Po discovers the power of believing in something greater than yourself.
Well, so long for now, my young padawans. Much to learn, you still have.


  1. Hilarious. We're coming into a BIG TIME Thomas the Train obsession. You'll have to give me some pointers.

  2. Let me just say that I thoroughly enjoyed this entry, and I love the way you can easily relate what your boys are into to the Bible. But one of my favorite parts was the picture of the magazine rack... I love that you still have that! It takes me right back to my childhood :)

  3. Anna,
    You do such a fantastic job with those boys! I love how you take what they know and love and relate it to the Bible! Those are lessons the boys can keep in their hearts. What a creative way to bring the Bible home! Keep up the great work! :)

  4. Anna, I really think you are onto a great way of relating the Bible stories to what your boys think about on a daily basis. This may be one way of "impressing them on our children as we sit at home, walk along the road, lie down, get up..."

    BTW, didn't Sarah used to keep her piano music in that magazine rack? :)

    Love you!!



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