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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My five month old

If I don't go ahead and blog now, he'll be six months old already!!! Sweet Caleb Thomas. He is such a precious addition to our family. He is rolling over quite a bit now. Still loves to squeak. That has become somewhat of a trademark--whether we like it or not! ;) A lot of times, it sounds like he is just trying to communicate. It is so sweet how he quiets down, or becomes less fussy when Jon David and/or Luke come and talk to him. Each one of them have their own unique way of talking to him. I love to hear them.
One of my favorite things to do with Caleb is to hold him high up above me so that he can see my face from up top. He reaches down and smiles--sometimes giggles, too--and grabs my face and then buries his face into my neck when I lower him down. It is sooo cute! I love my little guy so much!
He can see a toy and get a hold of it now. He has even reached for my cell phone, and various other things that I sometimes hold while I'm holding him. Also, he is getting heavy! I noticed that my back is hurting some now. He is growing out of his 3 to 6 month clothes. Most of the time, he sleeps well, waking up once or twice in the night to eat, and napping pretty well too. Tonight, though, he had a really hard time. Even though Don and I both tried to soothe him, he cried himself to sleep. We have sleep trained him some, and he normally does really well with it. But tonight seemed different. He was a little extra upset. I tried nursing him once or twice. Sometimes, I guess they just have to cry. :( We love you, little guy! We now call him Cale Cale, Caleb Thomas, or Cale Thom.
He loves to eat, still. And the pooping is going ok. I almost cried yesterday, though. He was in the exersaucer--which he really likes right now. And when he tried to poop, I could tell it was super hard for him. His face got very red, and he strained so hard! I wanted with all of my heart to help him... He finally got it out. I hope he grows out of this very soon!

I wrote the above on Feb. 9th, but didn't have the heart to post it without any pictures! Must take more pics... ASAP.

And now for the pics. The boys have snow days yesterday and the day before. This gave me plenty of time to get pics of them! Jon David was making Caleb laugh out loud yesterday! I wish I could have captured it. But I guess not everything can be recorded. ;) Sometimes, I gotta just let life happen and enjoy. Anyway, here is what I did get:

Above: Jon David making Caleb laugh. He loves to laugh. And we love to try to get him to!
(Caleb @ 5 months in these pics: above and below)

Our sweet little thumb sucker. He does this from time to time to soothe himself, and to put himself to sleep. So cute... We'll eventually have to break him of it. Jon David used to do this, too. Oh well! It's kinda helpful for now.

Hmmm. There is definitely a theme of sucking going on here. I think he is majorly teething!


  1. What a little cutie! Such a sweet age! Enjoy!

  2. Love him laughing in the crib with your baby blanket! Jon David is so sweet with him. Look at his double jointed right thumb in the one where he is sucking the other thumb! Yes, I have been studying every picture. What else can a Mimomo do who lives so far away?

  3. Ohhh Anna, Caleb is adorable! He's definitely enjoying putting things in his mouth...teething already?



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