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Saturday, November 14, 2009

My new little rebel

Here is a little tid bit a/b Luke. I think he is still getting used to Caleb. He loves him so much, but I think he is trying to find his place in the family. One day recently, I was nursing Caleb and trying to help Luke get ready for school at the same time. He was being ornery and putting off obeying a little bit in his own sweet Luke way. I told him to go put some chap stick on. He came back announcing that he put some on his cheeks and in his hair as well as his lips. I am very disappointed to say that I do not have a picture of this, but sure enough, he had some nice pink streaks in his hair. Yes, this is Luke James! Ha! Since this happened right before leaving for school, he had to go to school with some pink hair.
He has also developed his own little language for Caleb. For some reason, he got to where he said "Dar ndi dar dar dar dar, Caleb." Then he started using the "t" sound to start off each word. So, for instance, if he would say "Caleb, do you want to watch Star Wars with me?" It sounded like this: "Taleb, too too tant to tatch tar tars tith tee?" And it graduated to "t" sounding nonsense. For a while, he made a little clicking sound with his mouth that made him sound kinda like a bushman or something. By the time I got him on video, he sounded a little different:

Yesterday, I had to get on to him because he kept on asking me to play Go Fish with me while I was on the phone. I really do try to play games with him every once in a while, but this time, I couldn't: I was talking on the phone. He kept insisting. Finally, I told him to go to his room, and to close the door (this usually means Time Out). So he went to his room, and slammed his door shut! Well, we had to "visit" about that, as Mom says. It's always so sad when he realizes he messed up. He is so penitent! Honestly, it's hard to be tough on him at all. He has such a sweet nature. This stage may be due to new baby, or the fact that he had the flu and was sick for so long (post sickness syndrome :).
Well, later that morning, he had gotten the Go Fish cards organized in front of Caleb's bouncy seet, and was playing Go Fish with Caleb! He had a stack of cards that was Caleb's, and was even talking for him. It was so cute! My heart melted. Sweet boy.

Here are a few miscellaneous catch up pics:

Caleb Thomas: 2 months old.
Jon David looks so old in this pic!! And a little bit like Alfalfa? :)

Don putting Caleb to sleep.
Jon David and Caleb (2 months).

Bath time.
Luke riding his bike.
Caleb hanging out while Luke plays outside.

Luke and Caleb Thomas (2 months).

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