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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Fall in Wilmore

Fall is my favorite season here. The colors are brilliant. And the weather is so nice! Today, I think the high was 71. We have cold nights and mornings, but then it often warms up. I finally got a few pics with some leaves, but they don't do them justice at all! And the most brilliant ones have already fallen.

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  1. Hey Anna!! GREAT fall pictures! Love the colors and the kids are so precious! Caleb is looking so big! He looks more like a baby and less like a new born.... just like Davis. Don't they grow up so fast?! Davis has the same blue "Peek a boo" outfit that Caleb has in these pictures!! :) Cute. I'll try to take a picture too. All our love, from your family to ours. Love, Tia



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