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Sunday, November 15, 2009

A day and a half

(Wednesday) Morning: pretty good. Take Luke to school @ noon: Caleb does better in car seat (he has been crying a LOT more in his car seat during the school commutes). Don and I decide to go to Jon David's school for his Veterans Day program at school. Jon David doesn't even perform as it turns out. We stay from 1ish until 2:15 ish. No JD. He and his class just sat in the bleachers and sang songs with the rest of the assembly. Hmmmm. Not the greatest communication by the school, maybe? So glad we sacrificed to come to this. Caleb ended up doing OK during the first half or so. I tried nursing him--oh yea, IN the auditorium surrounded by kids and parents (Mel, thanks a MILLION for the nursing apron!!!). Then Don walked around with him. Finally, I tried to nurse him again on the bench in the hall way. And all this for nothing!!! :( (btw, Luke was at his school during this time).

Jon David gets home from school in an OK mood, but is pretty high strung. He makes a mess of his snack, comes to talk to me while I'm trying to put Caleb to sleep, and then begs to take a shower b/c he got ketchup in his hair. ????? Thankfully Luke's afternoon was a little less eventful.
I was determined to try going to church tonight. 40 minute commute there. Caleb is already overtired. Doesn't really fall asleep the entire way. Chooses to scream instead. Traffic seemed especially bad and annoying and horrible. Eating dinner goes well: a very nice person held Caleb for us so that I could eat (@ church). He starts getting upset as church time approaches. I try to nurse him to sleep in the nursing room. He falls asleep. Put him in the car seat so that I can go to class. He promptly wakes up. So I check his diaper. He is happy as a lark while I do this! Really!? So I try to nurse him on the other side. Wide awake. So, I decide to just try to enjoy church as best I can. Maybe he will be happy. He was happy for about 10 min. Then got grumpy. So I took him into the nursing room again. He laughed with me a little bit in the mirror. I love his laugh! Then went back into church just in time for it to end. Another nice person wanted to hold him after church. I told her I would love for her too, and that I would also like to go to the bathroom. In the bathroom, I looked down at my shoes. This is what I saw:

And this, ladies and gentlemen, sums up my day. :)

Today (Saturday) was CRAZY!!! I don't even think I want to go into detail too much, b/c I'm exhausted just thinking a/b it. Maybe some things are best just forgotten. Yesterday was crazy too. I was single Mom'n it b/c Don had the famous surgery! Which I am very thankful for. Suffice it to say that this small town sometimes drives me nuts letting the train come through main street right during my commute from one school to the next w/a screaming infant. Yes, I reached my hand back to let Caleb suck on my finger WHILE driving back through our neighborhood, detouring around a school bus, and making it into the car lane for Luke's pick up. And yes, I took Caleb out of his seet and nursed him in the front seat while sitting in the car lane waiting for Luke, w/Jon David in tow...
Today we went to the Main Street Veterans' Day Parade. It was cute and fun, and Caleb fell asleep in his front carrier! Life was grand:

The boys got lots of candy and loved that, of course!! It was like trick-or-treating all over again.

Small town, America. Gotta love it.

Afterwards, we went over to a friend's house for a lunch playdate. It was a good break from being around our house so much. And Don was able to rest.

But tonight was a different story... dinner... Bama game... try to put boys in bed... Read to them while Caleb cries. JD gets a nose bleed. Don lets JD and Luke sit with him while I try to settle down Caleb. No use. Don helps get older boys to bed. I let Caleb cry off and on for about an hour. Try nursing, rocking... Finally he goes to sleep. Today kicked my tail!!! Thank You, Lord, that it is ovah!!!


  1. I love your brutal honesty- especially the picture of your shoes! ~Maggie

  2. Anna, I must admit that david and i had a good laugh about the shoes. Sometimes stressful days seem to be topped off by something like that :). Tell Don that David said (in response to the "smart" comment for the cake) "are you sure he didn't mean Jack? :) But I'm sure he was kidding!

    We also got a "sweeeet boyee" out of the post about Luke Jomber. We could hardly stand it when we found out he played cards with a three month old! Gotta love him.


  3. I LOVE the shoe picture! Hilarious! Once again, another priceless opportunity to have a really funny story to tell ;)

  4. Oh we've all been there but this did make me giggle a little!



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