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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Jon David's birthday and a visit from Grandma


No sooner had David and Eryn left, that we started getting ready for Grandma's visit. She arrived on Thursday evening. We did some birthday shopping together on Friday, and then Saturday was Jon David's party. He had invited a few school friends and our neighbors. Thankfully, it didn't rain! It was actually pretty hot. We had the party at a park here in Wilmore. Jon David seemed to have a great time. Our wonderful neighbor, Kelly, made the cake. Thanks a MILLION, Kelly!!! It was a hit.

These next two pics are for you, Mom! They are of him opening your gifts. The elated look is for the sketch pad. Good call! :)

Grandma had not gotten a chance to give Luke his birthday gift yet, so she bought him a bike. She bought Jon David a skate board for his gift. Both were complete with helmets and pads. They enjoy these a lot!

Jon David really loved all of the art supplies he got. He is doing a good job of sharing with Luke--who also loves them.

When we got home from the party, Jon David said that he was very grateful for all of his gifts--a moment I will try to remember for a long time!

Sunday came and went without too many events, and then on Monday, we decided to get out of the house and have a fun day. So we tried the pool first--got rained out after about 10 min. Then we took the boys bowling for the first time. They loved it! It was cute to watch. Unfortunately, on the way home, and for a while after we returned, Jon David finally had his post birthday melt-down, I guess. Sadly, it happened on the day that he actually turned six... Felt like dealing with a two year old. He threw a fit about something small... Don and I got pretty frustrated. There's nothing like trying to do fun stuff for your child, and then it backfiring... I guess it was overkill. I pray that Jon David will mature and learn to be more grateful and content. Help us, Lord!!

In case you are wondering what the boys are doing in the above pics, they are bowling with a ramp. It was really cool. I had seen kids bowl with the sides up on the gutters, but never this contraption. Anyway, if it's ever available when you take your child--especially for a preschooler--I would recommend it. Basically, all they had to do it place the bowling ball on the ramp and push it off. It was especially helpful for Luke, who had a hard time rolling the ball down the lane by himself.
Oh, and I wanted to include these pics from behind, mostly because they remind me how big my boys are getting! For some reason, it hit me watching them from this angle. Time does fly... everyone was right about that.
A few extra random highlights from Grandma's stay:

The boys being silly:

Who said Jon David was the only silly one?

... Check out Don's eyes! :0

Grandma left today. The boys both felt a little sad--as they do anytime family leaves. Don asked Luke why he missed Grandma. "Because I love her," he said.
So I thought I would cheer them up with some slip-n-slide time. It was fun for about 15 min, then it started to thunder and rain... So back inside we went.

We are getting ready to move again--thankfully, it is only across town this time. God has provided a three bedroom renter just in time for the new baby. What's my blog title again? Yea, I think it's appropriate.


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  1. Anna, your boys are truly growing up SOOOO fast. I hate that I'm missing it! You looked so cute at JD's party... I love your haircut!



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