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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A good day

Saturday, May 16th was a great day for our family. It was one of those days that you look back on with fond memories, one that you wish you could duplicate even. We woke up, got ready, and went to Luke's first soccer game. He was so excited. It rained a little, but not enough to cancel the game. It was so much fun to cheer for him. Go Luke!

And he got his very first medal--which he loved. I must say here, to quote Mr. Incredible, that it does sometimes seem like they keep coming up with new ways to celebrate mediocrity. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy for Luke, and would never say this to him, but come on... medals for every kid who randomly ran around on the grass, trying to figure out what in the world they were supposed to do out there? Not to mention the precious little girls who kept crying for their mommies... I'm not criticizing AT ALL! I just think sometimes our kids are hilarious! The coach had her hands full. One girl on our team kept scoring in the wrong goal. And kids were dropping off of the field like flies. The coach kept trying to get them to come back on to the field, or to leave (if it was time to rotate). She kept trying to get them to point to the correct goal. Some were chatting, some were hanging around the goal. And then there was usually a handfull actually trying to kick the soccer ball. Oh, and the rain threw several of them off of their groove too. I tell ya, it was a sight to be seen. Luke held his own. He got a hold of the ball once or twice. Hey, at this point, that's just about all you can ask for. :)

After being home for a while, we loaded up again and went to Jon David's soccer Spring Fling. It was a sort of end-of-season celebration I guess. They had a bounce house, snow cones, and a couple of other random things. The boys loved it. Then Jon David played his last soccer game. And it was truly a grand finale!!! He played aggressively. He looked like a different kid out there. It's like it took the whole season for it to truly "click," but it finally did! He scored a goal, too! It was so much fun.

Finally, David and Eryn came to see us. It was such a fun surprise!! They came Saturday evening and stayed until Monday morning. The boys LOVED it, of course, and so did we! They sent us on a date Sunday night. We went out to eat, and to see "17 Again." Thanks for sacrificing, Don! :) It was pretty good. We enjoyed it. It was so nice to have a date! Our dates are soon going to go back to being few and far between... It is going to be an adjustment to have to think about feeding a baby again. I pray that God will give us strength.

I am very embarrassed to say that this is the only picture we have of their visit!!! This was the morning right before they left. Jon David was already at school. By the way, he didn't realize that they would be gone when he came home, and was devastated. He loves his aunt and uncle! So, just try to picture back yard pics including baseball, soccer, chase, and all sorts of other games. Thanks again, guys!

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  1. Little kid soccer games always crack me up! I agree with all your comments! :)



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