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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Comic relief

I always sing to Caleb before I put him to bed. Lately, I often chose the song "Oh how I love Jesus because he first loved me." He loves to have me sing it about each member of the family. "Ah batas... Mommy. Ah batas... Daddy. Ah batas... etc..." Ah batas means "how about". So I proceed to sing each verse about each family member "Oh Daddy do you love Jesus," etc...
Well this is how the chorus goes: Oh how I love Jesus. Oh how I love Jesus. Oh how I love Jesus, because He first loved me."
OK, fade out on that scene. Next: Caleb is almost 2 and a half. He often refuses to do things. When I ask him why, for the longest time, he would say something unintelligible like "acaz. eee fuss lah me!" The funny thing was that he seemed fairly consistent in his uninteligibility. It was almost always those same sounds : "acaz. ee fuss lah me!" I finally figured out what he was saying in response to my "why" questions: "Because he first loved me!"
Well, final scene: the other day, I asked him why he didn't want to go poopoo on the potty. You might have guessed his answer: "Because he first loved me!"

Luke: Recently, I wanted Luke to take a bath. "Luke," I said, "when was the last time that you had a bath?" (This was probably a week and a half ago or so). His response: "Well, I had one in December!" Ha!!

Jon David (over Christmas), while driving through our neighborhood, looking at our neighbor's Christmas decorations. One neighbor had the traditional single candle in each window. Very elegant. When I commented on how nice it looked, JD said "yea, it looks so nice, you can almost tell that no kids live there."


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