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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Christmas Dregs

Above is the calendar that I made for Caleb, copying completely Jon David and Luke's--made by Wendy.

When Don, Rich, and Mike Jr. were growing up, Wendy started a tradition. She made Christmas calendars out of red felt. She decorated them with foam stickers, and sewed little white hooks on with red ribbons. In the top, right corner, she glued a poem about the 10 days before Christmas. With each of the ten ribbons, she tied ten miniature candy canes so that each of her three children could eat one candy cane every day from Dec. 15th until Christmas day.
When grandchildren began arriving, she set out to make one for each grandchild, too. Unfortunately, she had to stop after making Luke's.
My mother-in-law has been a tremendous blessing to me. I pray that the Lord takes care of her like only He can.
This was my first year to make a Christmas calendar. I wanted to continue on with what she started. With every step of making this (from trying to find each component at Walmart or Hobby Lobby to spending the time needed to sew and glue), I appreciated more and more the woman that is Wendy. I love you, Wendy. Our lives are much richer thanks to you.
Here are all three of my boys' calendars. Just like Wendy's three boys. :)

Don had spoken at "Christmas at the Square" in downtown Perry toward the beginning of the season. He did a fantastic job. We had a Christmas Eve Service at Grace Church. I thought it went really well, and once again, Don did great.
Afterwards, we spent some time with some friends before coming back home.
Jon David and Luke were of course full of excitement. We finally got everyone in bed, and began our last minute preparations. I went to bed around midnight.
Around 12:30, the phone rang... You know it's not good when someone you know is calling you at midnight on Christmas Eve.It was one of our church members. His wife had passed out at their home. Don headed out to the hospital.
The next morning (Christmas day, of course), I knew Don needed to sleep in. Little did I know that he had not returned home until 3:00 A.M.
Around 8:00, I thought we had better get our Christmas show on. I woke Don up and asked him if Vicky was OK... No, he said: she had passed away. I sat down on the floor and cried. Then, I wiped my tears away and opened my bedroom door to my three eager children, anticipating their Christmas gifts.
Vicky Malone was one amazing woman. She greeted all of the visitors at church, provided us with name tags, and made sure that newcomers felt welcome and knew where to go. The loss was great. We love you and miss you, Vicky.

That afternoon, we traveled to Thomasville to finish celebrating Chritmas with Grandma, Grandaddy, Uncle Rich, Aunt Laura, Nicholas and Andrew. We returned home on Wednesday since the funeral was that afternoon.
The anticipation. :)
Here are some pictures of our Christmas celebration this year.

Jon David and Luke each got to shop at their school for family Christmas gifts this year. It was fun to see them give gifts to each other (and Caleb and Mom and Dad too).

Below, Caleb is enjoying a gift from one of our church members:

Roll Tide!

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