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Sunday, October 9, 2011

A visit from the Johnstons

Jana and Timothy Johnston blessed us with a visit this summer on their way to Florida. Jana is my oldest friend. No, not because of her actual age, but because she and I go farther back than anyone else. We were friends at the age of two I think. And our friendship survived being roommates in college! I love you Jana! God has brought us through a lot together. Looking forward to spending the rest of our lives being friends!

I like how realistic this picture is: you can see on both of our shirts the evidence of motherhood...

We also enjoyed a random quick visit from our Florida Caulley fam! Above: Caleb playing with Nicholas' socks.
We took the boys to the Aviation museum one day this summer. I love spontaneous family time. Well, actually, I love family time whether it's spontaneous or not!
So fun.

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