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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Caleb turns two

Sweet boy actually blew his candle out this year! He is a PRECIOUS two year old. Does he still throw tantrums? Yes. But he is really growing up. He says SO much now. He can ask to watch a show on TV. Last week, we were at Cracker Barrel, and he looked at the waitress and said "chicken, fr. frithe!" Hilarious! He asked for chicken and Fr Frithe again last night. He loves to play cars. He will often say "Mommy, play cars wuf me!" or "play trainth wuf me!" He frequently bosses Luke and Jon David around. "Luka! Dayday!" Today, I was having a rough time with Jon David on the way to church. I told Jon David to shut his mouth. You can guess what Caleb said... as if someone was playing a tape back: "Dayday, shut a mouf!" Ugh...
As annoying as it is to hear him say some things, other things are precious. He sings Jesus loves me and the Alphabet pretty well (well, with some help). I love to hear him say Jesus.

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