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Monday, August 1, 2011

Back to school!!

The silly pic! ;)

I am not sure that I can believe this any more than you can... August the first seems SUPER early to start school. But Jon David and Luke were ready, and the first school morning drop off went off without a hitch!
Don took Jon David, and I took Luke (w/Caleb of course). When Luke got in the van with me, he finally admitted that he didn't really want to go to school... sweet boy. I reminded him about how Jon David cried for his first day of first grade. I think that might have helped. Luke did not cry today. He was very brave, and did great. Don said that Jon David did great too. As far as we can tell, they seem to have gotten some great teachers this year. Praise the Lord!

Yes, Jon David's T-shirt does say "Dude."

Sweet little wannabe. Your time's coming! He wanted to put on his "baa paa" too...
We had a great playdate at a park this morning.
I can't wait to hear how their first day went! Lord, bless them!!!

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