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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Caleb: 22 and 23 months

The grass mustache: Above, at Grandma and Grandaddy's in June.
Below, still at Grandma and Grandaddy's with cousin, Evelynn.

Above, at Mimomo and Beepops' house.

Caleb is preparing to launch. All of a sudden, he is exploding with development in so many areas. The most noticeable one to us is his speech. I must begin the list quickly lest I forget!

blanket: becket
mama: mama
daddy: daddy
juice: joosh
shoes: shoosh
I want: ah, ah (kinda nasally)
Often, when we are in the car, he will request his blanket and juice: "ah becket, ah joosh"
He frequently injures one of us, either by accident, or in an attempt to play.
He will repeat just about anything if we ask him to, and if he's in the mood, of course.
Right now he is on the floor, wrestling with Luke, kicking and hitting him...

Yikes... when I started this post, he was still 22 mo. Now, he is 23 months! We are careening quickly towards the wonderful two year old stage. AH!
So, here's the rest:
"Ah chi" : I want chips (and yes, chips/shoes/and juice all sound alike)
"Daw daw": hot dog
" ah tats": I want to jump (yesterday: he was standing on the back of the couch, exclaiming these two words, and plopping down on his bottom on the couch cushions).

Also, this is historical: we have been potty training. I know it sounds crazy, but he seemed ready... He has been doing well so far. He goes pipi in the potty, but not poopoo very well yet. Anyway,he says "iss a poopy!" when he has to go potty (even though he just goes pipi). And he sits down on his little potty, and goes! Then he says "ah pize, ah pize" which means: I want a prize! He has said our next door neighbor, Knox's name plain as day. He says more of a semblance to Dayday and Luke for Jon David and Luke. Don plays this game with him where he says "you better come see yo..." and Caleb says "Daddy!" Well, Jon David does it too now! He will say "You better come see yo..." and Caleb will say "Dayday!"
"Ah booket, ah booket," means I want to read a book.
He says nie nie for night night. Oh! And he says "ah shosh" for I want a show. Yes, he even says "mote" for remote. And he is quick to help you find it if you can't, and he is really wanting to watch something... sigh. The other day, I was scrolling through netflix, trying to find something for him to watch. He enjoys Word World quite a bit (wo wo). But he saw a picture of a dog, and said "daw daw!" I put the cursor on Kipper, and said "Do you want to watch Kipper? Then I pointed to Blues Clues and asked "do you want to watch Blue's Clue's?" He said "clue clue." And he says "clues!" while he is watching the show. Good ole Steve from Blue's Clue's. I like that show.
He will just about repeat anything these days. At dinner tonight, I thought he said the word sausage, I couldn't believe it! Then I said, "Are you kiddin me?" And he repeated it! "Ah Kin me?" It was so cute! Since then, Luke will often get him to repeat that little phrase.

He says "pl" for balloon. It is hilarious! He will even just blow a strawberry, you know like just sticking his tongue between his lips and blowing--to say the word balloon! ;) He also makes that same noise for the color blue. Right now, we have a blue balloon. ;) Fun times.
"Mon" for come on.
"Shlops" for flip flops.
He says socks pretty well.
"Bah, kick it," for I want to kick the ball. Soco for soccer, and sucker sounds a lot like that too.
Uh Oh, wat waz at? for uh oh, what was that?
He loves to play with balls and cars, and his family. He wants someone around him while he plays. He is precious. Today he wore seer sucker pants to church... So handsome, if I do say so myself!

Once again... it's a week later. I guess this is the relay post. Last baton, I hope!
Still doing pretty well with the potty training, except for the poop area.
He says s.h.i.t... for "sit", if he wants you to sit down... yea, it sounds kinda bad.

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  1. And if his daddy has anything to say about it, don't be surprised if the next thing he repeats is "Boogity boogity!" for "Amen!"



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