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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Luke James Caulley

You knew it was coming, right? :)

This first two pics are a few wks old. Hee hee. Love it. Luke is still a precious cuddle bug.

He plays with his little brother so well. He and Jon David both are GREAT with him. And Caleb? Oh my goodness, well, his big brothers just hung, the moon, that's what.

Caleb: 6 mo.

I love it when Caleb catches Luke's hair! Too cute... not so comfy for Luke, though.

Luke had a circus performance at his school recently. He was a strongman. Too cute! I feel extremely blessed with his school and teacher. What an answer to prayers!

I was sort of thinking that he would probably be a little reserved because he is not exactly what I would call a "lime light" type of kid. Wrong!

Finally, sweet Luke caught the stomach bug the very next day... I HATE HATE HATE the stomach bug. But Luke is so sweet about it. He just sits on the chair and takes it. Ok, so I think even through his misery, it helped that we let him watch ALL of the star wars movies that we own! :)

His b-day is coming up... five years old!! Here are some pics that we took to make his invitations. Did you have any doubts about the theme?

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  1. I love this blog!! The circus reminds me of what we used to do at UCP. I HATE missing special events like this one. Luke is so cute in these pictures and clips. I love him so much.



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