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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Thanksgiving of our very own.

A Caulley family first. After much deliberation, we decided that traveling South for both holidays with an infant would be too difficult. We opted to stay in our little Wilmore, KY for Thanksgiving, and to travel over Christmas when we all have two weeks off. I dearly missed being with my family! But it turned out to be a neat opportunity for our small, yet growing family, to make some unique memories together.
So we started off by roasting marshmallows in the backyard over a fire pit that Don beefed up. It was Thanksgiving Eve. We made smores and ate them. It was cold, and Caleb didn't last too long. But we had fun anyway! :)

On Thursday morning, I put the Turkey in the oven. Don did the dressing. A GREAT job, might I add. He also figured out how to make gravy! He made the pumpkin tea ring. When he went to take it out of the oven, he thought it didn't look quite right, then realized that he had forgotten to add flour. Classic. So I made another one later that evening. Good times. I was proud of him for trying!! I made Grandaddy's mashed potatos. Don also did the green beans, and opened the cranberry sauce. I was so impressed! It turned out great. Delicious. My husband rocks.

Side note: Caleb already LOVES his brothers. He cheers right up if he is grumpy and they come to talk to him and play with him. Jon David and Luke both are very helpful with him. They tell me when he is crying, and stay by his changing table if I need them too while I step away.

On black Friday, I went shopping with a friend. We found some great deals at Kohl's. Love it!
Then, Bama/Auburn game. Close one!

Saturday, we went to get a Christmas tree.

Caleb was a good boy in the car seat and stroller. :)

And then, we decorated, of course!

...with a little football on, too, naturally.

Caleb Thomas -- 3 months. And sweet Luke James.

Touch of reality: we have all been sick off and on since Caleb has been born. Most recently, Luke has an ear infection, and a low grade fever with cold symptoms. All three children have had a cough. And Don and I cycle in and out of feeling under the weather. We could use prayers for complete healing! And for not getting discouraged. Thankfully, the sicknesses has not kept us from having some fun. And God has taken care of us.

Below, a short video of Jon David reading a Christmas book to Caleb unsolicited. Unfortunately, I thought Don was trying to take a picture--not video footage. So my voice is much louder than JD's. Oh well. There ya go.


  1. We stayed home (in Fort Worth) for the first time this year, too. But we just went to Cracker Barrel--easier than cooking for only two. :)

  2. What a precious time you had even though we missed you so much. Bravo to both of you on the Thanksgiving dinner. I am very impressed. The smores idea on Turkey eve was great. The boys are more handsome each time you post a picture. Can't wait to see all of you in a couple of weeks!



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