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Sunday, December 27, 2009


Above and below: Caleb @ 3 months.

Hopefully the title of this post will shed some explanation for the time laps since the last one... Well, besides the time of year. :)
So let's go back to the first Monday in December... . I had decided to host my fusion group--a group of seminary wives that meets once a month to chat, share prayer requests, etc... Part of my motivation was to be on location with Caleb, so that I could more easily put him in bed if I needed to, and not have to miss out too much on group time. He was awake at first and did well, considering that he had the sniffles... at 3 months!! We had decided that if he wasn't improving by morning, we would take him to the doc. When it came time for him to go to sleep, I nursed him to sleep but he quickly woke up when I attempted to put him down... Second attempt, also a failure. I decided that I would let him cry.
Enters the hero of the day: DON. He had taken the older two boys to childcare so that he could study, but told me that he was willing to come home and help out with Caleb if I was in a bad spot. So while Caleb screamed, I sent the SOS text message. Don promptly arrived and held him for probably almost 30 minutes while he screamed off and on, fighting sleep. When it was time for Don to go pick up the big kids, he came out and said that we needed to take him to the doctor tonight. Caleb was sounding a little "rattly" and wheezy... So as soon as Don left, I began getting Caleb's hooded, footed fleece on and fitting him in the car seat. I quickly explained the situation to my friends, who were also on their way to get their children. I think I left before all of my guests... Everyone was so nice and offered prayers, help with the kids... thanks, friends!!
There was not a whole lot of time to think. I acted quickly, and headed to the nearest ER: Jessamine County Ambulatory Clinic. Thank the Lord, they had me back in a room in no time. Thank the Lord, also, for Caleb falling asleep on the way there. They gave him a nebulizer breathing treatment. He did ok with that, protesting towards the end. I had to hold him in place for 10 to 15 minutes. He was diagnosed with RSV. I was very nervous, but the doctor reassured me that it didn't always have to be like the horror stories I had heard. She guided me through what to watch for. Unfortunately, with RSV, since it's a virus, you just have to wait it out. As good as the service was, it was 11ish by the time we got out of there: with a prescription that I wanted to fill right then. The nearest pharmacy that was still open was in Lexington--30 minutes away. Thankfully again, Caleb slept in the car. And on the way home, around midnight, I stopped by McDonald's to try the new brownie melts. Yum! A timely blessing for an exhausted soul. :)
Within 24 hours, I was back at the ER... Don and I saw Caleb's ribs retracting a little bit , and since that was something to watch for, we didn't want to mess around. Again I was seen quickly, again Caleb had to do the nebulizer breathing treatment. This time he HATED it!!! He protested vehemently. I had to hold his little writhing, screaming body and hold the cup over his mouth at the same time. And then they made him do it AGAIN, b/c they weren't sure how much he got the first time. They also gave him some steroids, and sent me home with a prescription for more. So once again, I went to the pharmacy before returning home, but this time I think I made it before 10:00 to the one in Nichoasville.
The next morning: Wednesday: more retraction, slight blue line above the mouth, slight flaring of the nostrils. Even though I had an apt. with the pediatrician that afternoon, I called in and they told me to come on in. This visit was the turning point for us. It was so nice to be seen by a pediatrician, and to get a more clear explanation about that to watch for, etc... However the ER docs were really great too. I just really appreciated the Ped (well, actually, it was a nurse practitioner) for taking all the time I needed and wanted to explain Caleb's situation. She prescribed the nebulizer treatment for us to use at home. After this visit, we felt like things started to look up, and Caleb began to improve slowly but surely. We didn't feel quite as panicked every time his breathing seemed rattly. We just gave him his breathing treatment.
By the end of the week, he was significantly better. We then had one more week before we left for our Christmas vacation down South. Don still had finals week, etc...
Don and I have struggled though this semester. It's tough when someone in the family is sick all of the time. The most difficult by far was Caleb getting sick, of course. Sometimes, it feels like you are all alone--without family to help, and sometimes it's hard to feel God, too. I look back now, and I can see His work, though. He helped Caleb and I at the emergency room: the doctors saw us quickly and he slept in his car seat. Also, He provided Don with the flexibility to help me during this time. Even though Don had to sacrifice study time, he was still able to finish his semester strong. I am so proud of him, and thankful to God for providing.
During all of the craziness, the boys still had school, and holiday activities. Luke sang in his December program. I had to stay home with Caleb, but Don and JD got to go. Here are a couple of clips. I know I am biased, but do kids come any more precious than Luke Jombers? ;)

I don't know if the illness brought this about, but Caleb has developed a squeak! :) It's kinda funny. Here he is "squeaking" at Don. I wanted to leave you all with an encouraging image of this sweet baby. Thanks so much for praying for him, everyone!

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