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Saturday, August 8, 2009

37 wks on Monday...

I guess it's count down time already. I can't believe it! The boys are feeling it too, I think. Luke really likes going into Caleb's room and winding up the mobile. Today, I unpacked another baby toy that he got a kick out of... Why is it that older kids like baby stuff so much? I guess some of the toys are kinda fun. They have been really sweet to help me with small things that they can do around the house, like bringing me certain tools when I'm hanging pics, dusting or cleaning the glass, even emptying out parts of the dishwasher. They are really growing up. I have had to say "no" more often to things like lifting Luke onto the swing, moving heavy things, wrestling w/the fam, etc... Sometimes, if I say that I can't do something, Luke will say "it's because you're pregnant." The word pregnant sounds so funny coming out of his mouth. :)

Jon David starts school on Wednesday, and Luke the following Wednesday. If the baby holds off until his due date, I'll have 4 afternoons a wk totally to myself for about a wk and a half!!! I am so thankful for the timing of school and Caleb's arrival. Lately, I have been scurrying to get baby clothes washed, and the baby's room ready. Don has been GREAT. He has come home and moved boxes for me, put the baby bed together, helped with the boys, gone big shopping for me, and grilled out many times for dinner.
He is becoming quite the intelligent nerd, taking Greek 2. :) He is really enjoying it, and I love seeing him so enthusiastic about it.

Sometimes the days get a little long with Don in classes and/or studying all day. And with me having a harder time being energetic, I think Jon David and Luke get a little stir crazy. Their swim lessons are over now, but sometimes, we go to the YMCA pool. Sometimes, we go to the park--thankfully it is still usually pleasant in the mornings here. We went to the library last wk. Sometimes, I watch them ride their bicycles on the front sidewalk. Below are some pics of them playing with their bows and arrows from Mimomo in the yard. We have played several games of Yatzee, Uno, I think we played Ants in the Pants one day, Bingo, Hullabaloo... The boys have also gotten really good at finding different ways to set up the Thomas train tracks. They enjoy watching TV, of course, but their favorite lately has been playing Curious George computer games on

I have been trying to do some learning time with them this summer, too. Jon David has completed half of the first grade hooked on Phonics, and Luke did an addition workbook. They have both done well, but I think after doing it for about a month, they are over it now, which I guess is OK since they're about to start school anyway.
Back to gestational topics, I have decided to go with a midwife this time. I'm excited. I'm nervous about labor and delivery overall... I'm just trying to prepare myself for the pain again and everything. If you think about it, please pray for me, for a smooth labor and delivery. Also, please pray for a healthy baby. I don't know if it's just b/c I'm older, or maybe I've forgotten that I had these same worries w/the other two, but I sometimes have nagging fears that something will be wrong with this one. Please pray that God will give me peace, that this baby will be healthy, and that I will love this one as much as the other two no matter what!!


  1. Anna, you look awesome! I hope I look as good as you when I'm pregnant. I will definitely be praying for you and that precious baby, which I just realized yesterday when I was on the phone with mom that I didn't know what you were naming him. I love the name Caleb... so cute!

  2. Anna: You are so precious and your family is darling. I love reading your blogs when I have time b/c they remind me of what fun it was to have two boys. And now you are about to be blessed with a third one!! Everything will go great, so try not to worry and enjoy every minute that you can of this wonderful time in life! You're obviously a great mom--your boys are blessed to have you! Keep blogging!!



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