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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Changing, and staying the same.

Fall 2012 has been a full one for our family. Here are some things that we have done. Caleb visited the dentist for the first time and did great!

 And, he STILL loves Thomas the Train. So I took him to see Thomas in Cordelle Georgia with some friends.

 He sang along with the "Thomas we love you" song that was playing during our Thomas train ride.

 Carving the pumpkin.



 My three ninjas. The red one looks suspiciously like Spiderman.  :) Sweet little red ninja.
I love homemade costumes. Luke's was authentic.  Thanks to Aunt Sarah for sending it to us when we lived in Wilmore a few years back. Jon David used a black shirt, Don's ski mask, and some of my pants. Caleb wore his bama pants, his red fleece, and yea, the spiderman mask.  :)


 Something new that I did this year is to run in my first 5K. It was fun!

 Below: Luke on awards day. They singled him out since he was the student of the quarter.  :) So proud!




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  1. I love the pics of you and Caleb seeing Thomas the train. It looks like you had such a fun time. And I love that the ninja costume is still coming in handy!



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