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Friday, October 19, 2012


Luke is playing travel soccer this year. It has been exciting for all of us, but also very challenging. Some games have gone better than others...  overall, though, it is a very good experience. We have seen Luke improve in soccer by leaps and bounds. We are very proud of him, and how hard he works.

 Luke was selected as the Tucker Elementary School student of the Quarter. We could not be more proud of him...  His fellow second graders selected their own representative...  And Luke won! 
Of course, we agreed.  :)
Laura, he is wearing Andrew's hand-me-downs: pants and shoes.  :) And maybe shirt too! ?


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  2. You got some great pictures of Luke playing soccer! The last one here is a good family picture...if you only had Caleb.

    We are SO proud of Luke for his leadership ability. AND he looks so handsome in his khakis and blue shirt!



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