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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A blog emergency

Every once in a while, I have one of those days when I think I can't believe this is happening and I don't want to forget it! Yesterday and today both had such elements, so here's what happened.

First: it was after school. I think it was while Jon David was eating a snack (see, I'm already forgetting details!) Jon David told me that he had made a new friend, whose name was AnnaBelle. This intrigued me for obvious reasons, so I asked him to tell me how he made this new friend. He said that he was swinging on the swing set, and she came and started swinging too. She started to make a singing noise "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa", and Jon David started teasing her by saying things like "do you wanna nuckle sandwich, cause I'm about to make a delivery?" and something else kinda clever that I have already forgotten. He said that she kept on doing it, and he kept on telling her to quit. I said "and then did she quit?" He said no, that she just kept on giving him that smile like she was going to do it again. And he said that he liked that smile. Sweet boy. I feel the need to interject at this point that according to JD, there are several boys in his class that have gotten to where they "like" a girl this year... But he says that he doesn't want to play with them when they chase girls for girl friend reasons.
Later that evening, at dinner, Don asked JD and Luke if they liked to sing (I had told Don that it bothers me that they don't really sing in church). Jon David simply said that when he sings and hears the sound of his own voice, it sounds so good, that it embarrasses him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) So that is why he doesn't sing. Priceless!

This morning, at breakfast, Jon David burst out with "why does a man have to marry a woman?" After asking him a clarification question, he said "why do they have to wait until they get married to have a baby?" I looked at both of my older boys and I said "I'm going to tell you the truth. You don't have to get married to have a baby. Some people chose to do this before they get married. But God doesn't want them to."
Wait for it. And here it is: He then asked me "how does it happen?" I clarified by asking if he meant "How do they have a baby?" "Yes" was the answer.
Well, I said, "I'm not going to explain everything to you because it would probably gross you out." I asked them if they had noticed that boys and girls' bodies are different. After identifying a body part--or two, I just basically said that when a man and woman kiss together (a phrase that JD and Luke sometimes use to refer to kissing), sometimes they do other things too, and that's how the seed gets to be there. He also asked if this was why a friend that he knew got a divorce. At this point, I went to get Don (who had just gotten out of the shower). Keep in mind that we are barely starting the day here! You NEVER know when kids are going to ask tough life questions. Don helped clear up the divorce confusion. Jon David is so smart. I wonder if he suspected that this friend had something happen involving the whole "outside of marriage thing." So Don explained that this was true. That is what happened (an affair--in adult language). Jon David decided that he does not want to get a divorce. Praise God! Oh Lord, protect my boys, give them all three godly spouses. Who knew that before 8:00 A.M., we would have a brief sex talk and explain what an affair was!!!???

This brings me to today at lunch (all these things happened in a matter of 24 hours! I realize I'm being a little dramatic here, but still).
I brought Caleb home from Ladies' class today, and he was hungry. I put his lunch in the microwave, and when I went to retrieve it, he started making blowing noises with his mouth (something that he has picked up on since I do it to cool his food down). He went over to the table, and I helped him into his chair. When I brought the food over, he had his little head bowed, and his hands scrunched up to his forehead, and was mumbling something. I prayed for the food and said amen. "Men" he said. Love being a mom on days like these. This is the good stuff.

And Luke James. Within the past couple of weeks, he has learned to ride a bike w/o training wheels, turned six, and informed me today that he has gone a record 17 days without putting his hands in his pants! (gotta love boys)
Posts on our Spring break trip and his birthday party are still to come!
Here are a few sneak peak pics. More details later.

In other news, this is often what happens to my make-up when I'm trying to get ready for the day:
Sweet sleeping baby:

And here, well, what can we say? There may or may not have been a chocolate cupcake involved:
(This was at Dan and Mel's house over Spring Break. Again: more details to come.)


  1. My, what a day!!!

    My suggestion? Pray, pray, and pray some more. :-)

  2. Oh it makes me miss you so much! I'm glad you've shared your excitement with me. ;) Never a dull moment... never. Jessie (11) had a boy tell her that she has nice hair! Yikes!

  3. I was already cracking up at this, and when you said it was all before breakfast- I lost it! What intelligent and funny boys you have :)

  4. What a precious story! All 5 of you are so special to us. I'm sure life will hold some very interesting moments for you as the mother of 3 boys!



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