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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Zidon Avisha

Warning: Warning for what? Well, if you can make it to the bottom of this post without getting carpel tunnel from scrolling down the length of pictures, then never mind. The sad part is that this is only part one of the Zidon Avisha report! At what point does it become a documentary?

What did we do for the actual Christmas holiday, you ask? We were not in Kentucky. We were not in Georgia. We were in Alabama! Oh yes, my friends. We are fond of being On The Road Again Caulleys.
Seriously, it was a great time. What did we do? Well, a lil' of this:

And a lil' o that:

My Aunt Laura holding Caleb!
And now for the Christmas Eve celebration:

Christmas Eve pajamas!!

A very cool rendition of Jesus' birth story from memorized scripture--by my bro, Dan. Impressive, and inspirational.

And the reading of "The Night Before Christmas", of course!

I was just as riveted as I was at the age of five. lol

...Christmas morning!


Another Santa request... the Wii music game. ;)

More miscellaneous fun.

I believe I failed to introduce Emory: Aunt Sarah and Uncle Chris super friendly dog! Caleb LOVED Emory.

Above: Uncle Dean and me!
Below: a memory of Dad's sacrifice. Dad, you're a champ. ;)

Caleb and Mimomo!
Merry late Christmas everyone!

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