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Saturday, December 4, 2010


Well, I took Caleb to the ENT this week because of his ear infections. He recommended tubes. So yesterday (Friday) morning, I woke up and got Caleb up @ 5:00. We went to the Kentucky Surgery Center 30 minutes away. Overall, he did great, considering he couldn't have anything to eat or drink. He would cry some, but I was usually able to console him eventually with his blanket. Finally, it was his turn. He went right to the nurse and put his head on her shoulder even! She was showing him off to the other nurses as she walked him down the hall. It was kind of a weird feeling waiting in the lobby away from him... I had been pretty nervous. But I knew that God was with us, and had friends and medical staff reassure me of the simplicity of the procedure. When I came back to him (10 to 15 minutes later), he was awake but calm. However, when he drank all of his bottle and I refilled it with water, he got really upset. The nurse helped me get my things out the door while he was screaming. He soon settled back down in the car, watching a video. Thank You, Lord!
So far, he seems better, not quite as fussy. We will see if the ear infections lessen.

By the way, the previous paragraph was journaled several days ago.
Anyway, he is doing well, and still just as feisty, as you can see from my illustration choice.

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