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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

JD loses first tooth

It happened last wk. He was soooo excited. He wrote three pages in his class tooth journal. He even got an "I impressed my teacher" sticker for writing so much! I so wanted to take a picture of what he wrote before he turned it in... but I forgot.
He lost the tooth at school. He was beaming when I picked him up from school that day. The office had placed it in a cool tooth box.

We had a discussion about whether or not the toothfairy was real. He asked me, and Don and I told him the truth, but we told him that it would be fun to pretend. When he found a dollar under his pillow the next morning, he was puzzled. "Then how does the dollar get there?" Hmmm, I said, good question! "Oh, Mom" he said "now I know." "How do you know?" I asked. "Oh, you gave it away when you looked at me and said hmmm that's a good question," he said while he immitated my "wondering" smile. Ha! He cracks me up. Can't get much past that one.

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