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Thursday, October 29, 2009

One more time...

For the past few years
I wondered if God
Would give us a child.
Through my prayers and tears,
I asked Him to, please.
One more time.

I struggled with Don,
I fought with myself,
Desire persisted.
And as life went on,
I prayed about it,
One more time.

I knew that I should
For my spirit's sake
"let go and let God."
So finally I would,
I'd give up my dream,
One more time.

But what did God say?
I just couldn't hear.
Or maybe it was
That more than one way
This time.

And there was a day
Upon studying
A family photo,
I stared at us four.
But to my dismay
For the first time...

Inside my being
I suddenly felt
This feeling rise up:
Someone was missing
From our family.
Still, it wasn't time...

The months came and went
In two thousand eight
Until December.
Our lives took a change,
God called us away,
One more time...

It was time to move,
It was time to pack,
And then once again,
To talk about if
We'd try for a third...
One more time...

And then suddenly,
Don and I agreed:
The moment was here.
Amidst the chaos,
God planted a seed
One more time...

I looked at the stick:
the symbol was plus.
I was overjoyed.
And then I felt sick
Pizza was so gross...
One more time...

Don started his gig
In seminary,
The boys met new friends.
My belly grew big
I waddled along
One more time...

I decorated
With bears and balloons.
The room was prepared.
The clothes I folded:
I washed and stored them
One more time...

August twenty-two.
I woke in the night:
Contractions began.
My baby was due,
In labor I went,
One more time...

Hard work, sweat, and tears...
I pushed and I pushed.
I begged God for help.
To overcome fears,
I thought of Jesus
One more time...

And then he was here:
My wonderful gift.
The relief was great!
I snuggled him near,
My little Caleb,
For the first time.

Stayed in hospital,
I experienced
The magic again--
That God makes so real.
I drank it all in
One more time...

Then came the daily
And the nightly too
Of caring for him.
Often, yet gladly,
I cared for a babe
One more time...

I nursed and I burped
My precious third gift
That God chose to give.
I sing loud each verse
His song on my heart
One more time...

The glory is God's.
From deep in my soul,
I look up and thank.
He sees me and nods,
I feel Him with me
One more time...

Red leaf and red bird
Are signs of the fall.
Baby smiles and squeals
Are signs of our third!
God has given 3!!
A magical time.

Thank You Father!!!


  1. What a wonderful way to express praise! Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Anna,
    It made me cry. You were inspired! The picture is precious. I miss you all so much.


  3. Anna that is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing your heart with us. I love you!

  4. thank you. I'm trying not to let the tears fall. beautiful. we miss you guys. :)
    ~Sarah Greer



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