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Thursday, September 10, 2009

The black hole? Baby boot camp? The infant stage...

Back in the infant stage... It's definitely something to blog a/b... especially when you have been out of it for sooo long!
The adjustement period has been hugely buffered by Mom coming to rescue! Caleb's due date was actually August 31st. Since Jon David and Luke were both late, Don and I thought we could pretty much count on Don finishing his Greek II class before the birth (his final was set for the 27th I think). Mom and Dad were going to drive up Labor Day week-end, and Mom planned to stay on until Sept. 14th. She had booked a one way airplane ticket for Lexington-Atlanta. Well, when Caleb came 9 days early, it was either: Don puts off finishing Greek, or we get someone to help us. Thankfully, Mom had been telling us that she could come sooner. And thankfully, she is not working right now. Again, God's timing is amazing. Sooooo, Mom came up after our first night home from the hospital, and since her plane ticket is not 'til the 14th... you guessed it, she decided to just stay for 3 wks!!!!! I don't know if it's possible to be more spoiled, but I'll take it! In fact, I'm not sure I want to let her go on Monday... We have had so much fun!!! She has been unbelievably helpful. She has done laundry, prepared meals, cleaned bathrooms, cleaned the kitchen several times a day, taken the boys to and from school, played countless games w/them, bought them treats, taken them to soccer games or practices (when Don had to take the other one to a different field), gotten up in the middle of the night to take a shift w/the baby, gone shopping with me and Caleb, gone to Dr.'s apts w/me... Wow, as I'm writing this, I wonder if we have abused her! It is amazing how much she has done. She is truly Super Mimomo!!! Jon David and Luke both love it when she takes them to school, and every night, they want her to read them stories and put them to bed. They have made batches of cookies together, read books, gone to the park, gone to church together, and the list goes on. Yesterday was Grandparents' day at Jon David's school, and today is Grandparents' day at Luke's school. In fact, she is at his school right now as I write this. It is super cool that her visit overlaps with that!
I sort of feel like Jane and Michael at the end of Mary Poppins... I mean, all viewers know that children are supposed to feel most at home and comfortable with their own Mommy and Daddy, but when you've got someone like Mary Poppins... It's hard not to be sad when "the wind changes" and the parrot umbrella says it's time to go, you know what I mean?... Anyway, hopefully we can find a few kites to fly when she leaves to buffer the let down. :)

Jon David is doing GREAT in school and at soccer practices and games. Talk about answers to prayers! He told me about his best friend, Cindy, and another good friend named Sam. He said Sam was his really good friend, too, because when the teacher announced that it was Jon David's turn to be the teacher's helper, Sam exclaimed "yes!" I think that made JD feel good. Jon David also said "Mommy, I don't even have to think about it, I know Sam's a good guy." Sweet boy. I am thankful for sweet friends! We are in a good stage w/JD right now. He had a soccer game last night and did great! Mom went to have lunch with him yesterday since it was Grandparents' day, and said such nice things! It makes a Mommy's heart go bonk, bonk, bonk.

Luke is doing GREAT in school and soccer, too. His teacher is very encouraging about how he is doing, and it is neat to see him learning so much about soccer. Mom brags on him when she takes him to school, and soccer practice. (And yes, I do realize that I have that Jones tendency to try to be sure that everyone is equally complemented... I can't stand for Luke or JD to feel complement jipped). More on Luke a few paragraphs down. What can I say, I love these boys so much!!!!!

As for Caleb, well, he is doing GREAT too. He is growing, eating, and sleeping. If only we could get him to do the last two things at the right time... Don and I have already had evenings and nights that have been very frustrating: full of crying--and not just from Caleb!
One night recently, Don was going to take a "shift." Well, I could hear the screaming even in my bedroom with the fan on high and the door closed... So out I came to see if he needed some help. He was very frustrated (Don, that is... although Caleb was too!!). To make our 1:00 A.M. situation even more interesting, Don and I proceeded to argue about how we thought things should be handled, etc... Lovely, I know... OH the joys!
Well, the next morning, Mom related a few stories from her battlefield days (or from baby boot camp, as my sis-in-law, Mel so appropriately names these first baby wks at home). She shared a story about Dad that is just too funny not to post... I hope you'll forgive me, Dad! She described asking Dad taking a shift in the middle of the night as going something like this: Dad would get up and fumble around looking for his glasses, then bump into a toy or two left on the floor from the day before. "Oh good night!" he exclaims as he proceeds to the baby's room. Then, Mom would hear him try to "reason" w/whichever one of us it was at the time: "now, you have been fed and changed, you have been burped. There is just no sense in you crying right now!" Too funny. I guess it's just really encouraging that even people who seem to have it all together (like Mom and Dad) go through it just like the rest of us. Thanks for the encouragement and for being vulnerable w/your lives, Mom and Dad!

So Beepops arrived over Labor Day week-end, to make the boys' excitement complete. He joined in on all of the above activities, including helping Mom keep the boys on Monday night so that Don and I could go out on a date!!!! I had a bottle of expressed milk, so Don and I had dinner and dessert together. Sooo what we needed!

Then, on Saturday, David and Eryn joined the fun. BTW, random side note: one day, Luke started saying that he wants to whisper something in my ear, and he would say: "uncle Eryn and aund David" and just crack up at himself! Well, the game has evolved now into "uncle chair and aunt table" or uncle TV, and aunt computer... OK, you get the pic. He cracks me up! Also, he thinks tooting is hilarious -- whether it's him, or someone else. He is pretty good at saying "excuse me" though. One time he said that he won the toot race--whatever that means. Crazy kid! OH, and his newest thing is to give flurburts (sp??!). He will do it on your arm, leg, cheek... random!!
OK, so as I was saying, Uncle David and Aunt Eryn came for a visit. Uncle David had a unique way of trying to settle down Caleb. I call it the Uncle David bounce:

OK, and can we all just say that Eryn is beautiful and super photogenic??

Caleb took right to her. He stared at her like this for so long when they first arrived. I think she must have baby whisperer qualities. We went to the park together the next day, and Caleb was really upset. He calmed down as soon as she picked him up. Amazing.

OH, and Don has started his fall classes again. This is him posing in his back-to-school outfit. :) Doesn't he look cute!
What can I say, I love this man!


  1. Don, hilarious "first day of school pic"...Did it take you a long time to pick out the perfect outfit? :)
    Anna, you are so sweet-- but I think it's just the bouncy walk, he he

  2. I love to hear your stories anna. Those pics of Luke and JD holding Caleb are PRICELESS!!!! I'm so jealous! :)

    Tell Luke his Uncle Sarah and Aunt Chris want to come see him soon.



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